Fibre Services

A wide selection of Fibre service options to match Enterprise Client requirements

Why RCS?

  • Experienced: RCS is one of the most experienced Internet Service Providers in South Sudan (Established in 2006).
  • Compliant: RCS is licensed and fully compliant.
  • Professional Advise: RCS use a need analysis approach to match Client requirements with the most appropriate service options.
  • Trusted: RCS accepts responsibility for performance.
  • 365 Support: RCS offers 365 Support via a Centralised Support Unit in Juba, backed up by a technical team of Network and Field Technicians, as well as Tier2 and Tier3 Engineers.
  • Innovative: RCS continuously evaluate and introduce new technologies to enhance service delivery.
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Why RCS Fibre?

  • Superior Uptime: RCS Fibre services are designed with multi-layered redundancy and includes geographically diverse data centres in Juba with full core network duplication, dual fibre backhaul networks between Juba and Elegu, as well as multiple L2 and IPT providers, with regional as well as global peering relationships to ensure the best quality routing and uptime to Africa and Global destinations.
  • Advanced Routing: Traffic is automated over the best quality upstream networks and managed in real-time using SDWAN and other technologies, ensuring high availability and the best user experience.
  • Secure Networks: The core networks are protected by carrier grade Firewalls and DDoS protection with geographically diverse high-capacity scrubbing centres. In addition, RCS uses a custom Router Management System to enable password rotation, firmware upgrades and centralised configuration management of RCS’ deployed routers on Client sites.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Latency sensitive and cloud-based applications such as Video Conferencing, ERP/CRMs, Office 365, and online Accounting Systems in particular benefit from the RCS Fibre network attributes. Bandwidth and Quality of Service (“QoS”) Management (prioritisation of traffic on protocol layer to improve the user experience on work and selected priority applications) further adds to an improved user experience.
  • Choice: RCS offers a portfolio of Fibre products to match each Client's unique requirements.
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RCS | Making communication happen | RCS Fibre Access

For Small Offices and Residential Clients in need of Cost Effective, High Availability Internet, RCS Fibre Access offers fixed broadband services to match the Client's needs. 

RCS | Making communication happen | RCS Fibre Blue

For Enterprise Clients in need of High Service Availability with 24/7 Dedicated Bandwidth, RCS Fibre Blue offers backhaul redundancy from Juba to the internet including dual fibre networks from Juba to Elegu, two independent protected fibre networks from Elegu to Nairobi where services breakout to the internet via multiple IPT providers and connects with KIXP and other selected Peering Partners.

RCS | Making communication happen | RCS Fibre+

For Mission Critical Enterprise Clients in need of Superior Service Availability with 24/7 Dedicated Bandwidth, RCS Fibre+ includes O3b MEO satellite capacity as additional redundancy to the dual fibre networks offered by RCS Fibre Blue. Failover to the O3b MEO satellite network is automated and up to 50% backup capacity is available for selection.

RCS | Making communication happen | RCS Branch Connect

Interconnectivity between Client sites for internal access without internet breakout, or in combination with RCS Fibre Blue or RCS Fibre+ services.

RCS | Making communication happen | RCS Hybrid Connect

Enterprise Clients that want to add redundancy and mitigate service impacting events specific to fibre networks, can improve service availability by adding VSAT or wireless backup to Fibre Blue or Fibre+ primary services. The Hybrid service is configured for auto failover in the event of fibre services being unavailable.